Workshop Testimonials

“That man is AMAZING at what he does... I feel that he could speak about the excitement of dirt and I'd enjoy it. That was the best part in my opinion. If not given by such a dynamic speaker I could see that being a very painful class...”
Travis Driggs

“I thought that the training was excellent. I used to live and breathe everything he was discussing and was familiar with the majority of what he had gone over. It was like a refresher course for me because I used to live and breathe all of that at my last job. He was a great facilitator who I felt, kept his group engaged throughout the four hours. He made the concept of training and learning something, very enjoyable!”
Michele Perron

“It was one of the best seminars that I have attended in along time. Not only were you not bored, but you had the opportunity to learn and be entertained at the same time. It was great.”
Anna Robinson

“Well, we are STILL coming off a ‘high’ with your absolutely terrific, fun, awesomely-presented seminar on your Mechanic's Lien and Bond Services presentation. It was so well received by all. Everyone is STILL talking about it. You so aptly took out the mystery of liens and bonds and taught it in layman's terms so that all could understand the process. I've heard you speak countless times at Credit Congress, and CFDD seminars, but each time, I walk away learning something new. You re-energize us!”
Kathy Mannara

“The greatest presenter in world! I had to get his autograph before I left because I just knew I would later see him as the owner of a successful seminar and instructional video company. Watch out Hollywood!”
Timmy Jones

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